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The world needs humor. With all the wars, conflicts and the pressures of daily life, few people find it easy to live stress free lives. Despite our modern technology, we find ourselves more stressed, depressed and ill both physically and mentally.

This page is meant to lighten things up a bit and help you take yourself less seriously. The focus is on finding a foundation from which you can build an invigorating life. Here, you'll find articles that take a poke at society and what it says will make you happy.

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So here's a piece published on Triond by the author. It takes a poke at the medical establishment and how you can make sure to leave your doctor with your inheritance he desperately needs to drug, poison, cut open and burn any patient who walks through his office!

How to Leave an Inheritance to Your Doctor

Pity today's doctor who is stressed out seeing a multitude of patients, especially those repeat customers who need the remedies of even more drugs. It's not an easy job, but patients do need to understand the 3 hour waits in the waiting room for those quick 15 minute consultations with the doctor. Doctors try to treat every condition with a convenient drug or vaccine. Whether you're having a bad hair day or a bout with flatulence, you are guaranteed to walk out with a prescription.

Your doctor, like you, is human. And, like you, he needs your help. You can make your doctor's job easier when you leave a good inheritance behind. This is often the best policy as your doctor will make your ailments a top priority for radiation treatments. By leaving an inheritance you help make his financial life richer even if he does make more than enough. Here are five steps to leave your inheritance for him.

Buy the Best House You Can Afford

Many Americans already own homes far bigger than they can afford to live in. You can bequeath your home to the doctor as you spend years paying off the mortgage. You want your doctor to focus on his practice, not worry about an unpaid mortgage. A big house means more space for patients and equipment.

Build a Lab Facility

Since his word is law, he can effortlessly get the local medical board to approve a lab facility in your home. Your home is an ideal environment for experimentation, since what occurs within its walls is confidential. The doctor can test, torture and maim his patients at will. You only need to ensure that your home is well insulated so the neighbors don't hear the screams. If you haven't got a big garage, use your rec room as a rehabilitation center for recovering patients. You can always add a new wing to your home if the doctor requires more space.

Open a Dual Account

Having your doctor's name on your account allows him to withdraw whatever funds he needs to keep his clinic prosperous. This shouldn't be a shock since your government already digs into your pockets to fund useless programs. Why not your doctor? Since the medical industry operates under clandestine rules that change from time to time, an account in your name hides the income your doctor derives from his practice. You only need to claim his income as yours and pay the taxes. After all, if your doctor is like the pharmaceutical industry, he gets additional money from kickbacks, bribery and conflicts of interest. This kind of under handed dealing is quite common in the pharmaceutical industry.

Bigger Bedrooms

Two bedrooms are a necessity. One is for you, the other is for your doctor who occupies it right next door. If you're heavily medicated, he can watch over you without you having to crawl to his clinic in pain. Drug induced effects from antidepressants need to be addressed as you're more likely to commit suicide or murder your family. Your doctor wants to keep you alive for as long as it takes for you to pay off the mortgage on his future home. Additional bedrooms will also help to house your lawyer and drug representative.

Legal Insurance

The extra insurance is necessary should your doctor be accused of malpractice by the relatives of patients who've died while undergoing his treatments. By taking out insurance in his name, you guarantee his diplomatic immunity. Of course, your doctor isn't expected to pay the premiums. This is absolutely critical since over 100,000 patients die annually under a doctor's care, but receive the right drugs and dosages. Your doctor must remain free of lawsuits. Big Pharma has made sure that no one can hold them accountable for the death of a loved one due to the side effects of drugs. Mengele would certainly fit in today.

These helpful tips help ensure that your doctor remains safe, happy and wealthy. He may even erect a gravestone in your own backyard in remembrance of your thoughtfulness.